29 December 2010

NAIL 2010-2011

I just got new nail polish from my favorite brand, Barry M.
It has magical effect.
First, put plane nail polish like always(mine on the pic is beige), and just put this black one on the top.
Then, it became like this narurally. effects like cracking up. Punk!
It's really interesting, I'm impressed.
Now, my nails are ready to get new year 2011 started.
Bring it on!!

28 December 2010


Traffic was horrible, overcrowded everywhere.....
I'm not big fan of "special day", "special season"....
Ordinary is good. nothing special = perfect.


26 December 2010


Here is my favorite girls.
They are icons for me.
like MUSE!

Rinko Kikuchi
Not only her impressive and sensual images but also I respect her avant-garde(so natural at the same time) spirit.

Courtney Love
I think she is beautiful. Sometimes she reminds me pain. That's why love.

Vanessa Paradis (Especially when she was very young)
One word, lovely
Innocent and uncertain image

Bridget Bardot
She is(was?!) also sensual and lovely. Even for us of the same gender, sometimes she makes our hearts pumping fast..?!
sweet devil.

They are not just beautiful, they have something.
Something in common between them. They all look fragile and so humane.
I see beaty in some imperfection.
Love the person who keep living straight with crying and sometimes screaming hard over and over and over..
Life is hard, and beautiful.


23 December 2010


I just read an article about a trainer shoes made by FROG.....
It's such a shock..
However, I kept reading the article carefully without giving up and now I'm kind of impressed by their concept.

Their brand name is "Gideon Shoes" from Australia.
They use the skin of frogs(Cane Toads) that already got killed that's because its harmful, dengerous(poisoned), and keep increacing numbers.
They change those finished life into new stylish shoes.
Hmm, not bad I guess..

Besides, the design looks cool. not too casual, simple & clean, but have some impact in a good way.
Well, I don't wanna have it sorry, but I agree with their concept.
They are running their business with family and have joined many charities, and opend a school in Sydney.
It's a respectful thing.
One more thing, they produce their products by hands in their country and they employ the young locals with fair wages.
It is also respectful. Especially in this era.

Well, now I knew the reason why those are that expensive....!

Gideon Shoes


22 December 2010


My favorite Japanese watch brand, Citizen has collaborated with a designer, MUG from G.V.G.V..
I love both of them, so it's a fantastic collaboration for me!
Very feminine but not too sweet which is great.
It's a limited edition, just 300 each color, only at G.V.G.V. store in Japan from Jan.2011.


My vintage Rolex is now in Japan, and my current toy watch here is not working.. seems like it's broken..
Ah, I also love the watch brand names TOY WATCH.
I saw them at Selfridges and I fell in love.
It's made by plastic and basically plastic watch looks cheap or kitsch, however, this watch doesn't look like that. Looks like a toy, but not for kids, that kind.  Well, their price is also not for kids, though..! (£200, 300 or more)
Plus, TOY WATCH has done collaboration with Missoni!!!!
I loooooove Missoni....
This is also like a dream collaboration for me.....


TOY WATCH Missoni Collection

21 December 2010

Unique by Topshop

I just visited Topshop at Oxford Circus for checking the brand names Unique.

About a week before, I saw a woman wearing a coat that I love on the street, and I was wondering which brand was that.
Then one day, I was viewing style.com for checking previous collections, and I found that coat!!
That was from Unique by Topshop(Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear).

Also, in my favorite visual collection from random websites, there was some from Unique.
I took them unconsciously.
I did not know about that brand well.., but now I knew I love Unique!
It's a brand designed by design team in Topshop and have joined London collection since 2006.
I also like the newest collection Spring 2011, however the Fall 2010 was my favorite.

The coat was still on the shopfloor, but the sad thing was the shoulder and the sleeve part was real fur.
I do not wear real fur so I did not get it.
If it's a fake fur, it must be cheaper and I could have it, shame!!

This one!!!

My lovely babies

I hope you like my designs. Mine has just started, so please everyone, wish me luck!

I also make cover ups - like cut and sewn, dresses or something wearing over with showing off some part of Swimsuits.
That means, I want ladies to wear my Swimsuits not only at the beach side, but also in town as ligerie or outerwear or whatever.
That's my concept.

I always try to make mine comfortable, sexy but not in a cheap way(= sophisticated sexy) and the most important thing for me is, making beautiful lines for women's body shapes.
Hmmm... Trying!

With Love,