04 February 2011

Bi-color Swimsuits 4th.

This is the 4th one.
and Bi-color collection 1-4

Now I need fresh ideas, so thinking...
I need to get some inspiration from somewhere. Maybe I'll stay at a book shop for a while and pick up some.
I might be gonna add some more on this collection, or not. Still not sure..
Anyway I keep making something!

BTW, I don't listen to her music much however, love the music video of Lady Gaga.
She doesn't hesitate to try new and interesting stuff and I really like it.
Simply its visually beautiful and well perfected from a fashion or an entertainment side, my opinion.
Paparazzi and Bad Romance is my favorite:)
Hm, as a woman, love Eh, Eh (Nothing else I can say). Super cute..!
Ah, it's too late to be into Gaga, maybe.. I'm always like that, never mind!



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