06 January 2011

New Year in Paris. Bonne Année! and A Happy New Year!!

I just came back in London from Paris.
Celebrated 2011 on the "ART Bridge" (Pont des Arts)near Eiffel tower.
The Bridge was full of people but the celebration was not so big.
I mean, everybody was not so loud, but in a happy celebration mood with champagne or sparkling fireworks, which was great.
I guess it was a great start of 2011 for me!
Bonne Année!!!


The other task of this trip was fabric shopping.
I visited fabric district near Anvers station(around Rue Livingstone).  There are more than 10 fabric stores around. A couple of them are quite big.
Also, some of them are affordable but material is OK, love that kind.
I was so excited and spent almost whole day there. not enough, though!  I should have brought one more suitcase actually, shame..
However, I got some nice fabrics and I'm now thinking how i can transform them. Hmm...

Well, new year 2011 has started!!
With big hope, high expectation and good energy, go optimistic!
Let me tryy:)

Pray for you all health, happiness and success.



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