23 December 2010


I just read an article about a trainer shoes made by FROG.....
It's such a shock..
However, I kept reading the article carefully without giving up and now I'm kind of impressed by their concept.

Their brand name is "Gideon Shoes" from Australia.
They use the skin of frogs(Cane Toads) that already got killed that's because its harmful, dengerous(poisoned), and keep increacing numbers.
They change those finished life into new stylish shoes.
Hmm, not bad I guess..

Besides, the design looks cool. not too casual, simple & clean, but have some impact in a good way.
Well, I don't wanna have it sorry, but I agree with their concept.
They are running their business with family and have joined many charities, and opend a school in Sydney.
It's a respectful thing.
One more thing, they produce their products by hands in their country and they employ the young locals with fair wages.
It is also respectful. Especially in this era.

Well, now I knew the reason why those are that expensive....!

Gideon Shoes



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