21 December 2010

Unique by Topshop

I just visited Topshop at Oxford Circus for checking the brand names Unique.

About a week before, I saw a woman wearing a coat that I love on the street, and I was wondering which brand was that.
Then one day, I was viewing style.com for checking previous collections, and I found that coat!!
That was from Unique by Topshop(Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear).

Also, in my favorite visual collection from random websites, there was some from Unique.
I took them unconsciously.
I did not know about that brand well.., but now I knew I love Unique!
It's a brand designed by design team in Topshop and have joined London collection since 2006.
I also like the newest collection Spring 2011, however the Fall 2010 was my favorite.

The coat was still on the shopfloor, but the sad thing was the shoulder and the sleeve part was real fur.
I do not wear real fur so I did not get it.
If it's a fake fur, it must be cheaper and I could have it, shame!!

This one!!!


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