26 December 2010


Here is my favorite girls.
They are icons for me.
like MUSE!

Rinko Kikuchi
Not only her impressive and sensual images but also I respect her avant-garde(so natural at the same time) spirit.

Courtney Love
I think she is beautiful. Sometimes she reminds me pain. That's why love.

Vanessa Paradis (Especially when she was very young)
One word, lovely
Innocent and uncertain image

Bridget Bardot
She is(was?!) also sensual and lovely. Even for us of the same gender, sometimes she makes our hearts pumping fast..?!
sweet devil.

They are not just beautiful, they have something.
Something in common between them. They all look fragile and so humane.
I see beaty in some imperfection.
Love the person who keep living straight with crying and sometimes screaming hard over and over and over..
Life is hard, and beautiful.



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