15 February 2011

The strings turned into...

Skeleton swimsuits!
I wanna see this in White color, might be better.
I used about a hundred strings for this.. wheww..

I went out shopping yesterday and seems like fringe is big this season not only on the runway but also on the shopfloor.
favorite shots from SS2011: Roberto Cavalli

and from my Love, Ralph Lauren
Outside is still coold, however I feel like wanna prepare for the wordrobe, 2011 Spring and Summer!
Can't waittt..!
Turquoise, Western boots, chunky Bracelet..... BROWN, BEIGE and WHITEEEEEE!!! SUN and SOIL!
I truly need sun.... Powerless......

10 February 2011

New one and the strings

New Swimsuits is also on almost the same direction as previous bi-color collection but has a bit of different details.
Black base and 2tone big braid over it.
Next one is going to be a bit more different and unique, and those two are going to be in one category.

And the many many strings. What are these for?
hope it will work fine.
Cross fingers and concentrate!

08 February 2011

Sunny day

be trapped

04 February 2011

Bi-color Swimsuits 4th.

This is the 4th one.
and Bi-color collection 1-4

Now I need fresh ideas, so thinking...
I need to get some inspiration from somewhere. Maybe I'll stay at a book shop for a while and pick up some.
I might be gonna add some more on this collection, or not. Still not sure..
Anyway I keep making something!

BTW, I don't listen to her music much however, love the music video of Lady Gaga.
She doesn't hesitate to try new and interesting stuff and I really like it.
Simply its visually beautiful and well perfected from a fashion or an entertainment side, my opinion.
Paparazzi and Bad Romance is my favorite:)
Hm, as a woman, love Eh, Eh (Nothing else I can say). Super cute..!
Ah, it's too late to be into Gaga, maybe.. I'm always like that, never mind!