31 January 2011

Bi-color swim suits 3rd and East London

Here is my new Bi-color swim suits.
Gathering at the middle front of top and the one side of bottom.
This shape was inspired by retro '60ish sandals that I have.

BTW, I went to East London last weekend and I got two vintage sweaters at Beyond Retro.
There are always too many things that I love there so it's harmful!
It's been almost two years in London and finally I admitted, I love East, you are the best:))

25 January 2011

New Bi-color Swim suits and Harem Pants

I've been in a creation mode a bit more than the usual.
I've deisgned 4styles of swim suits and two bottoms, and finished one swim suits and one bottom.
Swim suits keep going on "Bi-Color collection".  I'm gonna add a couple more soon.
The Tribal feeling pile-ish material Bottom, perfect with swim suits ⇒ we can show off some part of swim suits from the cutting below the waist.
Perfect for a beach scene, or in town of course.  In town, we could wear it with all-in-one or something underneath. I reccomend something in lace.

Fabric : from Paris, France

18 January 2011

New Sample - Duotone Swimsuits -


15 January 2011

Tom Ford, The first Women's collection

Tom Ford Women's collection SS 2011 was finally made public!!
The runway show was held on September. 2010 at New York, however it's been a secret.
Gorgeous, luxury, sensual and classy. Still very Tom Ford.
When I see beautifully lined architecture, I always connect them with fashion(Pattern).
And it reminds me him.
That's because he's from Architecture firm.
Yes, every art is connected for me!

 The models were not just professional models. They has singer, actress, photographer or some other attractive back ground.

13 January 2011

New Samples

Here is my new styles;
Stretchy Lace All-in-one in brown
and Stretchy Chemical Lace L/S cropped top in blue (Black is also available)
Scalloped edges by hand
Fabric; both from France

If you are interested in my products, please contact me in
Semi-order available upon request
Thank you!

10 January 2011


My brain is totally invaded by YMO.. 
Can you imagine it's from 1979?!  They are deadly coooool.
I'm so proud of them and honored that they are Japanese as myself.
a bit shame that I could not feel them at that real moment.

Hm, I will look for an oriental jacket with shoulder pads like 70's! also will braid my hair like her, maybe?!!

With them, it's possible to keep dancing and tripping all night long!!! can't sleep!!!!!

07 January 2011

Playing with colors

Now I'm a bit in a color mood.
Vivid color.
I found fabric scrap in Paris and got it just for fun. It's shirred stretchy fabric with fuchsia pink beads dots.
Then I changed it into tunic dress stitching with rib knit.
 Pop and a bit rock taste. FUN!
The middle one is the real color.

Trying to find some fun in our ordinary life ⇒ color?!

06 January 2011

New Year in Paris. Bonne Année! and A Happy New Year!!

I just came back in London from Paris.
Celebrated 2011 on the "ART Bridge" (Pont des Arts)near Eiffel tower.
The Bridge was full of people but the celebration was not so big.
I mean, everybody was not so loud, but in a happy celebration mood with champagne or sparkling fireworks, which was great.
I guess it was a great start of 2011 for me!
Bonne Année!!!


The other task of this trip was fabric shopping.
I visited fabric district near Anvers station(around Rue Livingstone).  There are more than 10 fabric stores around. A couple of them are quite big.
Also, some of them are affordable but material is OK, love that kind.
I was so excited and spent almost whole day there. not enough, though!  I should have brought one more suitcase actually, shame..
However, I got some nice fabrics and I'm now thinking how i can transform them. Hmm...

Well, new year 2011 has started!!
With big hope, high expectation and good energy, go optimistic!
Let me tryy:)

Pray for you all health, happiness and success.